Misuse of Cash Advances can be a very serious issue, especially when you originally obtained the advance to pay a bill. Not only will the misuse in that case lead to trouble with the cash advance agency but also with the bill company. How you use the cash advance is not the cash advance agencies problem or concern, they are only concerned with the repayment of the funds per your agreement with them. If you spend it on a useless trinket it is the same as using it for its intended purpose in their eyes, they only care about how much money they are going to make from you.

This leaves you with even more debt to deal with and another agency trying to get money that you owe them. This is an extremely stressful situation that will only lead to you needing more cash advances and leading to even more debt, and instead of using the cash advance to save yourself and improve your credit it will be doing the exact opposite by ruining your credit even more and getting you into even more debt and trouble with collection agencies.

The importance of using a Cash Advance for the sole purpose of what you took it out for is not to be underestimated. If you use that money to buy something on a whim that you don’t need, you will be left with no money to pay your bill or bills that you originally took the money out for, which will just lead to you going back to the cash advance agency and getting yet another cash advance or possibly even a loan. While buying something to make you happy in the moment might seem like a good idea, doing the correct thing with the money and using it for what you intended will make you much happier in the long run as you will not have a huge mountain of debt to overcome. This leads to even more problems as now you credit is getting even worse and you are going back to the cash advance agency or a loan company to borrow even more money which just puts you further and further into debt and ruins your credit more and more.

If used correctly though a cash advance could be a lifesaver, if there is a very large debt hanging over your head and you just need a little extra help it can remove that extra baggage and stress. But you must be careful because if used incorrectly then you will need the help of the cash advance agency, or a loan company, again and again; this will only lead to terrible credit, which is far worse then just having to deal with some debt. While a debt issue is bad, having terrible credit is even worse as you will have higher interest rates, which mean you will have more debt and it will just get exponentially harder for you to pay off your debt. So use the cash advance carefully and correctly and it could be the only time you will ever need a cash advance.

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